2018 BMW R 1200 RT Mars RD Metallic / DK Slate Metalli

6175 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV
United States

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2018 *BMW* *R 1200 RT Mars RD Metallic / DK Slate Metalli*.

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2018 BMW R 1200 RT Mars RD Metallic / DK Slate Metallic Premium
Infinite riding pleasure.
Greater comfort for a more intense experience. The motorcycle that defined the segment of classic touring bikes: the BMW R 1200 RT. The light handling of the R 1200 RT facilitates what is most important when touring: experiencing the landscape. Whether alone or with a passenger: the R 1200 RT ensures comfortable, relaxed riding while touring.

More design. More impressive.
The R 1200 RT can be recognized as a member of the BMW Motorrad family right from the first glance: the typical split face defines the front of the vehicle and gives it dynamics and expressiveness. Two round reflectors on the outside and a meshed reflector in the middle make up the typical BMW tourer face and ensure an unmistakable visual appearance night or day.

A ventilation duct makes the head of the machine appear to float above the side trim panel to a certain extent. This combination of vehicle head and side trip panel highlights the light agility of the machine. The formally integrated front fender rounds off the dynamic vehicle concept in the front section. Integrated into the stretched Flyline are a comfort seat with low seat height and an ergonomically designed touring tank with distinctive knee grip area for even more comfort.

The flowing interplay of the aerodynamically designed surfaces are reflected in the dynamism of the machine. Even the elegantly designed cases are a harmonious accompaniment to the consistent overall composition made of made up of surface and line styles. Here, it is clear from the first glance that the R 1200 RT promises relaxed long-distance suitability as well as dynamism. And it keeps this promise as well.

More dynamic performance. More control.
The RT is powered by an air/water-cooled BMW boxer engine which provides powerful forward thrust with substantial torque and an output of 125 hp. Thanks to standard Automatic Stability Control (ASC) this machine provides optimum traction to account for a variety of road surfaces and conditions. "Rain" and "Road" modes can be activated at the press of a button to adapt the motorcycle to weather and road conditions. The on-board computer Pro with multi-controller, power adjustable windshield, and heated grips complete the range of basic equipment features.

More equipment. More comfort.
The optional extras for the new RT offer easier handling while providing a higher level of comfort. The BMW Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (D-ESA) adapts to changing surface conditions within a fraction of a second. A "Dynamic" riding mode and cornering-optimized ABS Pro are also available as part of the Ride Modes Pro option promoting maximum riding fun for sporty, dynamic riders. The Gear Shift Assist Pro option enables the rider to shift up and down without using the clutch. The reduced shift time means the rear wheel retains even better directional stability.

Keyless Ride offers even greater convenience. This system means a mechanical key is no longer needed to start your motorcycle, eliminating the need to reach for your keys before you ride. Other optional extras include a central locking system which also locks both cases by remote control, a cruise control function and much more.


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Year: 2018
Make: *BMW*
Model: *R 1200 RT Mars RD Metallic / DK Slate Metalli*
Mileage: 57758
Stock #: Z466656

~ 2018 *BMW* *R 1200 RT Mars RD Metallic / DK Slate Metalli*.

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*Monthly payment based on 20% Down for 72 months at 6.9% APR financing On Approved Credit. Payment does not include tax, license or dealer fees. Some model years do not qualify for payment listed. See dealer for complete details.

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