☑️We offer Nationwide Auto Shipping
🔅Door-to-Door Service
🔅Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars, 🔅Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc.
🔅Multiple-Vehicle Discount!
🔅Open Transport and Enclosed Transport
Auto Hauling Families Combined for a Fast, Safe and Reliable Auto Transport Business.
We offer The Best Nationwide and Worldwide Auto Shipping In The Industry.
Door-to-Door Service
Transporting Running or Non Running Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc.
Multiple-Vehicle Discounts!
Open Transport and Enclosed Transport Available!
Shipping across the U.S.
**FULLY Licensed, Bonded and INSURED
**24/7 Customer Service!
**Fill Out the Quote Form at www.AutoExpress123.com for a Free Quote. All Quotes put in Writing so No Confusion.
** We match the Best Drivers
***877-428-8697 / 24 hours a day/ 7 Days a Week with any Questions
AUTO EXPRESS is a REAL COMPANY who is VERIFIABLE chartered trucking company Motor Carrier #1110405 licensed with the Federal Government and Department of Transportation #3428899 and Contractor for the U.S. Government with multiple company trucks and owner operator partners that are not only our family and friends over 40 years but the most qualified truckers in the country. The Federal Government requires us to provide that information in our ads like all Professionals. If you Do Not see those Numbers in a AD they are a SCAM and they are using Sales Lines to Try to Trick You. Should Your Vehicle be damaged you will not be Protected.

We are NOT Salespeople. We are Car Haulers and Dispatchers.

If your Vehicle has Wheels - We are the Best Company in the Country at Getting your Vehicle Moved.

We move thousands of cars fast, safe, and on time year after year. When your vehicle is transported with Auto Express Inc. your vehicle is covered for a minimum of $1,000,000 with $500,000 cargo insurance is provided upfront with your customer agreement.
The U. S. Government trusts us with their Vehicles.
Honda to Mercedes Benz Dealerships Nationwide Trust us with their Customers Vehicles.
Most Truck Drivers depend on us to move their vehicles nationwide.
We are 5 Star Rated on every Rating System including Yelp, Google not fake Transport Sites where the Company can Manipulate their reviews. No YELP? No Google Page? Then you know they have been scamming customers. They are only posting their Good Reviews. AVOID Silk Talking Oil Salesmen.


1. Visit our site www.autoexpress123.com to fill out our quick quote form. You can request a call back if you have questions, special request or you can email your rep. upon receiving your quote.
2. Email that you would like to Book Your Order or you can call us with any Questions.
3. We introduce you to your driver, arrange pickup and keep in contact with you daily till you receive your vehicle in full satisfaction.

WHY Fill Out Our Quote Form?
1. We are not a Sales Company. We do not Sell Information. We Do Not Make Sales Calls. We Dislike the SalesPeople that Ruin our Industry with their Lies. Too Often we are the Car Haulers and the Broker lied to the Customer. Told the Customer he was a trucking Company. Gave the Customer a Cheap Price. We try to Deliver the Car and the Customer doesn't have enough money because the Broker lied to Customer about Price. We then have to Reload the Car and Impound Vehicle. This Happens way to often. That is the Reason these Companies Have no Name or No Verifiable Information. NO Dot# or MC#. Fake Business Names but you can't find them on Google or Yelp. Fake Trasnport Company Reviews. These Companies Harass our Phone Lines all Day asking us how to get customer vehicles moved protraying as customers.
We Create the Quote form NOT for Sales but that is Exactly what I need to Know as a Car Hauler. When I have that information as a Car Hauler or Dispatcher I can get your vehicle picked up fast for the best price. Car Haulers are Moving Non Stop Looking for the Best Priced Vehicles in Our Routes. When you Fill Out the Quote form I can Communicate with all my Drivers and Dispatchers crossing your roads. That works out for the Consumer much better than some Salesperson posting your vehicle ona Load Board for a Commission. We are real Car Haulers. We are Always on Time. Always Accurate with our Pricing. It saves you Time and No Stress.

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