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My name is MARY BETH GARDNER and I am a bankruptcy attorney. FREE CONSULTATION & REDUCED FEE -- IF YOU MENTION TH IS AD. My usual Chapter 7 fee is $1,000.00, but because of this God-awful year, I am DISCOUNTING MY FEE TO $800.00 for all Chapter 7 bankruptcies. I do take payments -- just like stated on television by other bankruptcy attorneys, I too get started with $100.00 down payment.


With me, there are no hidden or surprise charges for "packets", "appearance attorneys" and the like. I am the attorney, the secretary and the paralegal. You'll work directly with me from start to finish, and I am accessible and available 24/7.

The cost is everyone's biggest concern, and rightfully so. My fee does not include the Court's filing fee. So, in addition to my fee, there is a filing fee for the Court, which for a Chapter 7 is $338 (not $306 as some "qualified" paralegals advertise), and it can be paid over a period of four months AFTER your petition is filed. In some extreme cases, the filing fee can be waived by the Court. There is also a debtor education course (you take before you file) and a financial management course (you take after you file), which are $10.00 each. My fee does not include those course costs.

Although my general rule is that I be paid in full prior to filing your petition, if you are making regular payments and we need to file your petition to stop a garnishment, levy, foreclosure or repossession, even though you haven't yet paid me my fee in full, I will file your petition - I won't allow you to be harmed once we've entered into an arrangement.

I have been an attorney for many years and I am very good at what I do; I am am easy to talk to; I return calls promptly; I work quickly; I pay close attention to my clients' needs and circumstances; I don't use paralegals or assistants; and, I will take very good care of you. If you would like references from prior or current clients, I can certainly provide them.

In contrast to other ads on here, I do not work through or with paralegals (I apologize for the redundancy, but it is important). I am more than just "an attorney available to help you through the entire process." I AM THE ATTORNEY and I take you through the entire process. You call - you talk to me. You text - I answer your text. We meet - you meet with me. You have questions, I answer them. Your petition is prepared - I prepare your petition. You review and sign your papers - you do that with me, page by page. Our initial meeting won't be the last time you see your attorney.

I also do Chapter 13 cases, and that may be what you need to save your home, modify your mortgage, catch up on car payments, or payoff recent income taxes. I will give you an honest assessment of which type of bankruptcy will best suit your needs. Best case scenario is a Chapter 7 fresh start. I will also tell you honestly if a bankruptcy is not in your best interests. I am an honest lawyer, who actually puts you first.

Bankruptcy may be the answer to your financial problems. It can get you out of debt from credit cards, payday loans, medical bills, repossession deficiencies, money judgments - just about anything (except student loans). It can give you a clean slate. Garnishments can be stopped. Vehicle repossessions and foreclosures can be postponed and, in some instances, stopped - there's even the opportunity to seek mortgage modification in Chapter 13 and to work out the arrears on your car if you want to keep it. Older income taxes can be made to go away under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Lawsuits are stopped. Best of all, NO MORE ANNOYING & HARASSING PHONE CALLS AND NO MORE THREATS. Another big plus is that your income tax refund can be entirely protected, and so can your stimulus money.

A few questions I'm often asked are as follows:

CAN I KEEP MY HOUSE? Yes, but you've got to keep paying for it. It also needs to be homesteaded. If you are behind in house payments, or need a modification, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your saving grace. If you are current in your payments, you can do a Chapter 7. If you want or need to give it up, you can surrender and not owe anything.

CAN I KEEP MY CAR(S)? Yes, but if you still owe on it, you have to keep making payments. If you are way, way behind in your car payments, or have been making payments for more than three years and still owe more than what the car is worth, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be required. If you’re current on your payments, Chapter 7 allows you to keep it, but you have to keep making your payments. If you want to give it back, you can do so in a Chapter 7 and not owe anything at all.

CAN I FILE SINGLY AND WITHOUT MY SPOUSE? The answer is yes. however, if you are legally married and living together, your spouse's income must included (because we are a community property state). But if you are legally separated or physically separated (i.e., living apart), your spouse's income need not be included. Also, if y'all want, you and your spouse can file jointly if you are legally or physically separated, but still married.

IS THERE A MINIMUM AMOUNT I MUST OWE BEFORE I CAN FILE? No. Whether you owe a little or a lot, it can have an adverse impact on your life and bankruptcy can provide relief.

CAN A BANKRUPTCY STOP A LAWSUIT, GARNISHMENT, REPOSSESSION OR FORECLOSURE? Yes, and judgments against you can be made to go away.

Call or text today for a free consultation with me, attorney Mary Beth Gardner, 620 East Plumb Lane, Reno, Nevada. Please, for your own good, do not rely on paralegals or petition preparers, and don't take it on yourself -- things can go very wrong without the assistance of counsel and it will cost you far more than you think you'll save. My attorney fees are low and negotiable. Payments are accepted. After-work, evening, weekend & holiday consultations are available with appointment. If you are unable or unwilling to come to my office, or if you have just a few questions to ask, I'm happy to do a telephone consultation - or even a text consultation. We can also zoom. Whatever works for you.

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