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I am a single mother of two beautiful young children, ages 5 and 3 years old. We have been hit extremely hard with the impact of COVID-19. During March of this year I lost my job due to the government shut down, and have been more than struggling to provide Rent, Healthcare, Food, Bills, and Expenses for my 2 children. During this time I have spent every bit of saved income, and maxed out every loan I could just to keep a roof over my kids heads. At this time, and with the Holiday coming up, I am afraid my kids may not even see a tree this Christmas in our home assuming that I am able to keep up with rent any longer. With your help my kids might be able to keep their home, and possibly even see a tree or have hope that Santa may visit them on Christmas. During this tragic and unfortunate time we are more than grateful for every little bit that is contributed into our home this year. I am hoping to raise enough money to keep my kids housed, fed and fill their hopes of Christmas!
Beautiful Children, Beautiful Cause.
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