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Knight Auto Detailing is offering a Mobile Detailing service offering paint correction and ceramic coating to the greater East Bay area. We provide a variety of services in different price ranges which are customizable to each customers needs..

We offer 2 levels of paint correction:

Stage 1 begins with a thorough cleaning of the exterior, vacuum of the interior carpet and wipe down of hard surfaces. Followed by a clay barring process to remove surface contaminants to leave a smooth surface. Proceeded by a swirl removing polish! Which removes up to 65% of swirls. Topped off with your choice of sealant or wax

Stage 2 includes all of what's listed in stage 1 but ALSO includes a compounding step prior to polishing to restore a showroom shine.

*Ceramic Coating available on all correction packages at additional cost*

(We also do clay bar and sealant/wax packages, interior steam cleaning, as well as maintenance washes.)


CLAYBAR and WAX starts at $150 for cars and $175 for trucks and Suv

STAGE 1 POLISH BASE PRICE is starting at $400and is subject to variances between condition/size of vehicles and services requested

STAGE 2 COMPOUND AND POLISH BASE PRICE is $600.. AND subject to the same variances as stage 1. This is a more serious paint correction for cars with heavy swirling and customers that want as close to a showroom fresh finish as possible.


Ceramic Coating is a very technologically advanced paint coating, with extreme hydrophobic properties and protective qualities. Hydrophobic, meaning it repels and sheets water off the car, making your vehicle easier to clean in the future.

This Paint Coating is superior to any wax, or synthetic Sealant you can apply to a vehicle, those are old technology now. Ceramic Coating creates a hard barrier between the elements and your actual clear coat. Due to the nature of the coating, your vehicle needs to be properly detailed and Paint corrected, because any swirls or imperfections on the paint will be locked in for at least a year.

We only provide quality services, so we require a paint correction before we apply Ceramic. Other detailers' will capitalize on this and charge upwards of $1,500, but at Knight Auto Detailing we're more concerned about providing our customers with Quality and a more Affordable Price.

Our Ceramic package starts at $500 with a 1 step paint correction for cars, $700 for SUV/trucks, but can also vary depending on condition of your vehicle and package chosen. We also offer ceramic coating for windows and wheel faces or complete wheels. Call or text us for all inquiries or quotes, we do not check email often.

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Call us at (510)677-3237, to set up an appointment, or for any inquiries about additional services we offer.


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