New Heavy Duty Backyard Greenhouse Kit For Sale 7x12' - 9x14' - 9x28'

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Modular Organics & ClimaPod

Producer and Distributor of brand new high quality greenhouse kits
Our ClimaPod Greenhouses are made of top quality heavy duty double-wall polycarbonate and full aluminum framing and base. Different size options and different sets of accessories available for each of the kits.

New Greenhouse Kits - Unique designs - Most Competitive Prices - Outstanding quality
Visit or call 360-674-2642

Brief overview on available kits and pricing
Choose your preferred Greenhouse size
Available ClimaPod sizes are:
Spirit 6MM Series: 7'x12', 7'x14' or 7'x21'
Passion 4MM Series: 9'x14' or 9'x21'
Virtue 6MM Series: 9'x14' or 9'x21'
Hobby 4MM Series: 9'x12'
Spirit XL 6MM Series:7'x28', 7'x35', or 7'x42'
Passion XL 4MM Series:9'x28', 9'x35', or 9'x42'
Virtue XL 6MM Series:9'x28', 9'x35', or 9'x42'
Choose your preferred Accessories Package.
We offer variety of accessories and add-ons designed for ClimaPod.
See last photos of the ad for tables with full details on what is included with each of accessory options: STARTER / UPGRADED / or COMPLETE KITs and pricing for them.

More info:
Greenhouse Accessories (if purchasing separately):

2-Tier Shelving Set (1 top and 1 bottom full length shelves, one side) $180/set for 7'; $250/set for 12'; $350/set for 14'
Automatic Window Opener $64.99 / pc
Solar Thermostatic Ventilator $149.99 / pc
5" aluminum base (free with all our greenhouses)
Louver $89.99 / pc
Storm Kit $69.99 / set
Please call at 360-674-2642 at anytime or email us back.
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Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Your Greenhouse
You can find a lot of useful articles about farming, gardening, flowering and growing plants by visiting our Gardener’s Blog at We are here to help you make your gardening experience worry-free and will be happy to help in any way we can.

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