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Check the Safety of your pool, check the pool lights, check the main drain cover, check the safety gates, make double sure that no one loses their life in your pool! Keep your pool safe with a pool inspection! Our Phone is easy to remember 916-630-POOL!

At Your Service Pool Inspections-Open every Day! 916 532 5402

Sacramento Pool Inspection Service: 916-532-5402
Swimming Pool Inspection Service -Sacramento, Ca
Swimming Pool Inspection Service -Sacramento, Ca

Click on this YouTube Video on the Pool Inspection Process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF06Ut5HVLM

Hello prospective Homeowners and Realtors, a swimming pool inspection service is a must. If your spa light doesn't turn on or your pool equipment is acting funny it is very important to discover the problem first so you may include it in with your offers or fix the issues before a final sale. What better way to find the REAL problems and have us fix them. Don't let your Deal Drown in the Details-Get our Expert opinion to Close the Sale!

Bid for New Equipment
Once your pool gets a clean bill of health find out what it may cost to upgrade the equipment for new energy saving pumps and filters. Often saving your new homeowner up to $3300 dollars a year on 2hp pumps and Cartridge filters.

And If you find something wrong request a "Repair Inspection with an Equipment Outline" may be quite convenient when looking for bids from more than one pool company. Therefore an inspection service with an inspection report and equipment and equipment pad outline will allow you to find the best price, and value for your new investment. Did we mention everything here is included in our inspection services ! Quite the deal !

Remember: You might be able to find a technician to come over for free, but the hungriest technician isn't always the best for YOUR job. We provide an inspection with detailed information about your swimming pool and equipment.

What Is Included?
Our Swimming Pool Inspection includes all of the following items and more.

A surface quality test
A tile adherence test
Pump flow & suction test
Equipment leakage tests
Control Board and Electronic Timer tests
Filtration & Bottom Cleaner Systems test
Amperage tests & Energy usage tests.
An official Swimming Pool Inspection Report will be emailed or mailed upon request immediately after payment.

Optional Tests:
Optional tests include: Pressure testing of pipes for leaks, Swimming Pool Equipment Internals inspection for proper operation, and a Pool Structure inspection for the structural and cosmetic condition of the shell.

Words of Wisdom:
Maintaining a pool can be a full time job when it is not functioning correctly. We can name about 200 reasons why your pool can be a pain; however, when it is running correctly it is a breeze to maintain. Remember, there are ways to limit your workload, so have us inspect it to insure that your pool is operating at 100% to lighten YOUR load. . ..

Curious if we perform pool inspection services in your city give us a call or check our quick sheet:

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El Dorado Hills
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
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North Highlands
Granite Bay
AND MORE. . .. Just Call 916-532-5402
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