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We are the new startup Urology. Our female founder has worked in top urology jobs at major hospitals. She is a graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College.

We're seeking the following to help build our startup:

1. VC or Angel Investors looking to help build a business supporting men with prostate issues. There are one in three men facing prostate issues in their lives.

2. We are seeking contractors to refer us men looking for Zoom consultations on improving prostate issues at home.

3. We're seeking nurses, doctors and urology educators to join our growing referral network.

We're happy to share http://www.Urology.Media to learn more.
Our team is a graduate of YCombinator's Startup School. They've helped build Airbnb, Twitch, Reddit, DoorDash and many fantastic startups.

We'll respond to emails and set Zoom meetings.
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