A must read article that helps you protect your family friends and relatives alike.

Adell, WI 53001
United States

Covid-19/coronavirus is ravaging our community and we are not helping ourselfs, we wait on the Government for all the protection, if she finally gets a cure for coronavirus who will be qualified to take these drugs? Very many people will still not be eligible for it because of one reason or the other, healthcare policy (insurance) you name the rest.
Protect yourself, family friends and loved ones by respecting safe distancing, avoiding crowds, public places and buildings.
Let our team of volunteers and agents help you get whatever you need. No discriminating be you legal or illegal resident. You will get your driver's& boating licenses, working permits, passport, Visa's etc in just 5workibg days, from home you will be served. Stay safe and protect your loved ones.
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Freemann Jergen

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