Private Investigator

JTF Investigative Services
Portland, OR
United States

JTF Investigative Services (Just-The-Facts)- 30 Years of Law Enforcement Experience and free phone consultation. My business is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.


Services Provided:
1) Workplace Investigation
2) Workers Compensation Investigation
3) Employment Background Checks
4) Tenant Background and Credit Checks
5) Surveillance
6) Cheating Spouse Investigations
7) Death Investigation Review
8) Crash Investigations
9) Recorded Interviews/Statements

The advantage of working with JTF Investigative Services is your information and circumstances are confidential. I have a private office/conference room so that your circumstances can be discussed without others overhearing the information. Don't meet a private investigator at a coffee shop to discuss your personal information.
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